We are stoked to announce our first London show for DIY Magazine.

We are playing with two fantastic bands:

Yearbook & MINE

The show is on the 13th September @ The Old Blue Last.



Life as of now.

I am currently focusing on getting my new band off the ground, reading a great book, working a cool job in a printing shop and struggling to create anything that is in anyway cathartic. Stuck between the parallels of being content and completely numb. It’s a strange place.

B&W Film.

areta asked:
Do you still have this video with plastic bags around your head?

Haha that sounds mental! I don’t remember that. What else happened?

Went for a walk yesterday, decided to film some bits and ended up with this little promo video for my new production company Redrum Media.


(Source: crizredrum)

- I Hope You’re Having Fun -

20:40. #yumpkin

Did a little cover.

Bright eyes - I Won’t Ever Be Happy Again